Gemscool Mirror War

Gemscool Mirror War Indonesia is ready to become judgment in the homeland! Mixed Doubles Arcade game and elements such as Sirene Kota RPG (rocket-propelled is ready to give the new nuance to the players playing games.

If you get bored with cash MMO 's, then you should try to games that this one.

Gemscool Mirror the War will bring you back feel the nuance shooting game classic that has ever played in arcade game (remember?).  Yes, mode gameplay will probably not much different, we will stand with the enemy who approached from a different direction, shoot them, and took items that fall to believe our character.

These elements in Other than the Arcade, you also will be served with RPG (rocket-propelled game experience, such as weapons being forged, the prison, classes and many more. Penasarankan how the end result of the combination of the two elements? The result was a unique rpg (rocket-propelled shooting.

When gemscool official site also has released Mirror War Indonesia. There, you can get complete information about features, video gameplay, or events that are ongoing information.