Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank is playing games on the war and the most popular war, in fact it is almost all internet users especially in Indonesia and to know active users from the game online Point Blank from Gemscool. Point Blank itself is a game that makes portal online game most first in Indonesia gemscool become famous.

Gemscool PB alone including into play online that had a genre FPS (First Person Shooter) and either excess is this game can be played in online and online. Too different with online game war theme like Counter Strike from Portal lytogame game that can be played in Ofline as well as can be connected with users who another network system LAN.

Ways to Play Games Online Point Blank Indonesia :
  • Playing a team with the winning team, so that you will be more often get more EXP.PLACE.
  • You must kill the most powerful in the team.
  • Often and continue to play games online Point Blank.
  • You must use items that can increase EXP.PLACE 130% (items are You must buy with cash money-shaped Gemscool Voucher).
  • Tips is useful for you to be able to quickly improve rating You are Gemscool Point Blank.
If you are interested in to play games Online point blank download in

  • If you have often or played Counter Strike and You can play point blank because Counter Strike and Point Blank not much difference that far in her game.
  • The difference is most elementary only in the use of technology game that is used.
  • If Counter Strike easier in terms of accuracy in shooting and vice versa games online Point Blank more difficult in this accuracy shooting and accuracy shooting game point empty accuracy shooting that it is difficult to be done.